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Creating user team algorithm based on Zipcode and Ranges Within

In my application we have teams of users based on their location (zipcode) and then an encompassing radius of 100 miles (zipcodes within) to operate with.
My problem is: user one signs up and is designated a team based onContinue lendo

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I need an algorithm to measure content quality

is there an algorithm to measure the content quality ? http://www.the-top-tens.com/ in top tens when you vote an item, there is a comment box appearing and when you start writing why you vote this item, it comments automatically about whatContinue lendo

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Turn algorithm into one line function only using arithmetic operator

I want to turn this function :

        array_push($total, $x);
    $result = $l + array_sum($total);

into a function without looping or conditional statement, and only using arithmetic operator (+,-,*,/) with assumption Continue lendo

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How to use data in this specific format like cartesian? (php)

i have database with table called ‘fields’. There are fields of some table. This table has columns: ID field, ID column, ID row, valor. How to make double array from this data?
It should be look like this:

array {


Continue lendo

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Algorithm to go through a matrix[matriz] given a string and give a final value based on computation

so this is how it goes the user selects attributes:
example : persuading, performing and teamwork
so questions are generated:
what if the candidate has :

1. persuading and not performing   
2. persuading and not teamwork
3. performing and not 

Continue lendo

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Concept of Holding a reservation

I have a question and will be grateful if you can help me out with some ideas.
In an online hotel or ticket booking reservation system, normally a user is allocated a specific time to complete their registration / paymentsContinue lendo

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how to check if a website has updated or not Today? [fechado]

Can any one suggest an algorithm to check whether a website has updated or not..? If updated I want to send a mail
Let me be more clear example : we have a website/blog www.xyz.com so some infor has beenContinue lendo

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Computing a natural sort value to store in DB for string sorting

Here are some examples of strings (mainly addresses):


Now I put those in what I consider thecorrectorder. If I were to have these values in a column in a DB table and Continue lendo

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removing “accelerationfrom subtitle files

I have a video with subtitles (and corresponding timestamps) in a MySQL database. Sometimes the timestamp on the video and subtitle syncs, sometimes it doesn’t.
The problem is that it’s not a consistent offset within the video (I.E. the differenceContinue lendo

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What Algorithm is used for this?

im doing research project for a the game Text twist,the text will automatically search word from a dictionary and scramble then, and also process the words to be found automatically using the same concept with this site http://grecni.com/texttwist.php , iContinue lendo

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