How to install wordpress on MS SQL

I am trying to convert my wordpress site which is based on MYSQl to a MS SQL because my we have our main database through MS SQL and we are creating database driven wordpress sites. I have been able to automate all of our wordpress installation + setup through database sripts through MYSQL but all of our variables + inputs are in MS SQL.

Would it be easier to create a new database in MYSQL and migrate all of my data over from MS SQL or is there a way to have wordpress use MS SQL. I am wondering if anyone has been able to do this or has any hints. Thanks

EDIT/UPDATE: I have accomplished this by using a linked server. Here is a website if anyone else is reading this and wants to run the wordpress database by using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio:

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  1. harrylove says:

    It is definitely possible to run WordPress connecting to MS SQL Server. We are running such an instance in production at my company. Here are two posts that describe the process of using WordPress with MS SQL Server and IIS. I am using such a configuration right now on my local box.

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