Dropdown with indented categories in Agile Toolkit

I have a category table with id, name, id_parent structure. I’m using atk4 and I like to show dropdown with indented subcategories. So:

---cat3 etc

I did build something working however like to see how this can be improved. Currently I have recursive sql queries based on the hasMany(). It feels like this can be done without re-quering. And main worry is that I now have the styling defined in the model but I don’t know how to move out. I tried to learn myself controller functionality but didn’t manage so far. My code so far:

The model

class Model_Category extends Model_Table {
  public $table='category';
  function init() {

  function tree($prefix='') {
    foreach($childs as $child) {
    return $r;

On the page:

$m->load(1); // start recursive from home category

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